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Taste is king

Zùsto’s ingredients have been meticulously selected and balanced with great attention to the taste. The result is a nearly identical to regular sugar’s taste without unwanted lingering aftertaste.

At Zùsto we go beyond flavor and aromatics, as we believe that taste is defined by a combination of multiple sensorial perceptions.

Consumers need to be wowed by all their senses. That’s why we set high standards to the behavior of our blend in terms of structure, texture and mouthfeel in applications made with Zùsto. If it doesn’t behave like sugar, it’s not good enough – we don’t settle for less.


Taste is top purchase motivator

According to an IRI research, 93% of consumers said that the taste of a food and beverage product influences their interest in it, making it the top purchase motivator.

Nice to know

Did you know that Zusto accentuates fruit flavors in fruit spreads, but also the subtle notes of red fruit in Peruvian cacao?


Zùsto is super healthy

Taste is king, but Health is queen, and together they lived happily ever after…

It’s not just the end of a romantic fairytale, it’s one of today’s most significant consumer trends: “the increased demand for healthier alternatives”.

Recently this demand for healthier alternatives was limited to low-calorie food – meaning reducing fats and sugars – but gained traction towards an increased and simultaneous demand for ingredients that contribute to better health with a key role for fibers.

Consumers expect more of the good, less of the bad.
Fibers are at the basis of a healthy digestive system, enabling better intake of
micronutrients, and thereby increasing our body immunity.


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of consumers are increasingly looking for food & beverage products that support their immune health

Fibers are the future

Furthermore, fibers help us reach the point of saturation much faster which makes it very important for weight management diets.

At Zùsto we believe that a solid sugar alternative should not only taste at least as good as sugar, it should also benefit the consumer’s health, body immunity and well-being.

That’s why Zùsto’s unique approach is to replace sugar with a patented blend of healthy, plant-based dietary fibers. The well-balanced and researched fibers have been chosen in such a way that it optimises and fortifies the health benefits.

What about the calories? We all need calories to get our energy throughout the day, but we need to avoid ‘empty calories’ that come with no other nutritive benefits. Zùsto contains only 1/4 th of the calories of regular sugar, all calories coming from the fibers, making it valuable and nutritive calories. With its low Glycemic Index having a negligible impact on blood sugar level it is super diabetes friendly and is supported by several diabetes associations.

Providing health & taste without compromise is Zùsto’s key to success.

Zùsto Weegschaal

Nice to know

Did you know that Zùsto’s unique blend and high presence of fibers makes it possible to reduce the amount of fat used in your recipe without impacting the taste or structure of your recipe, reducing calories even further?

Extremely convenient

Developing or reformulating healthier alternatives comes with many challenges.

Think about anticipating on, and accounting for, altered proportions and modified share of solids that impact viscosity, thickness body and mouthfeel. Managing and masking specific taste profiles, lingering off-notes and taste intensity of specific to concentrated single ingredients that impact the overall flavor perception. Humectancy, moisture levels, and controlling water activity that define the shelf life. Ingredient’s molecular weight that impacts volume and rise. What about browning and the capability to participate to the Maillard reaction in baked goods? What about health & digestive tolerance?

Product development is often a recurring cycle of trial & error with multiple formulation attempts that may hit a snag in manufacturing. Relying on Zùsto’s expertise and unique blend drastically simplifies this process.

The building stones of the Zùsto blend have been balanced and selected not just to equal the taste of sugar, and to behave like sugar. It has also been developed to avoid any digestive discomfort, making it today’s most tolerant sugar alternative.

Working with Zùsto is absurdly convenient, which is why more and more companies have sought expertise in Zùsto’s blend. There’s no need to reformulate your recipe, just replace the sugar on a 1:1 basis and enjoy the result.

Zùsto is being used on a daily basis by both industrial, professional and artisan kitchen in a wide variety of applications: pastries, chocolate, drinks, spreads, ice-cream, etc.

Zùsto suiker

Nice to know

Did you know that Zùsto bakes and colours at a slightly lower temperature than sugar? The maillard reaction is generated at lower temperatures which makes Zùsto a more energy efficient production besides many other sustainability benefits.

Zùsto is today's most tolerant sugar alternative easy to implement in your business loved by professionals worldwide

Nico Renmans

It's so easy to implement Zùsto in your business

Zùsto is the most versatile sugar substitute in the market and behaves like sugar in any application. 

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