Zùsto offers a healthy alternative to sugar. It has the same taste and texture as sugar, but none of the harmful (or undesirable) properties. Zùsto takes the sin out of sweetness.


A comprehensive replacement for sugar

At Zùsto, we searched for and found an all-embracing replacement for sugar, responding to the rising demand for a healthy sweetener. In doing so, we have made our contribution to a responsible diet. And we are helping people to drastically reduce their sugar intake. In short, the love of sugar without the downsides. Zùsto is there for anyone who wants to feel at home in the kitchen, as well as professional chefs or patissiers.

Why Zùsto

Blissfully sweet

Zústo is here to help you enjoy sweet foods—without sugar. We eat far more refined sugars than is good for us. The consequences are disastrous, ranging from weight problems and the rise in diabetes to excessive demands on the pancreas and problems with tooth decay. To bring an end to these problems, we developed a responsible alternative: Zústo.

Years of research

Delicious and responsible

Years of research went into our revolutionary product. The most important breakthrough: the discovery that fibres from corn and chicory have comparable sweetness values to sugar, but without the negative effects on weight and health. Zústo has the same taste and texture as sugar. It is also extremely user-friendly thanks to the 1:1 ratio; replace 100 g of sugar with 100 g of Zústo. Furthermore, Zústo also has health benefits: the fibres are good for bowel movements and protect against heart and vascular illnesses.

 Knowledge and involvement

Nico en Thierry

CEO Nico Renmans and CFO Thierry François steer Zústo forward and along its path. Nico Renmans came on board in 2019. His injection of capital accelerated development, production and distribution. But there is more to Nico’s motives than the guarantee of an international breakthrough; a number of his family members are struggling with diabetes. He knows the limitations the disease brings with it, and has happily committed to an initiative that offers people with diabetes new perspectives and opportunities.

Everyone Zùsto

The future is looking good

As well as Nico Renmans and Thierry François, there are two other partners: Thierry Huion and Wouter Huybrechts. Together with the rest of the Zústo team, they are working on the future of the product. The target group: consumers who want to responsibly eat delicious foods, and of course, B2B customers, from chefs, bakers and caterers to chocolatiers and retailers. Even renowned professionals praise Zústo for its many qualities. The scientific world also stands behind our product.


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