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Chocolate Lover Combo Deal



Chocolate Lover Combo Deal


  • 2 x Zùsto Dark Chocolate Callets 350 g
  • 2 x Zùsto Milk Chocolate Callets 350 g
  • 3 x Zùsto Hazelnut Spread 200 g
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Discover the Sweet Secrets of Chocolate, Health and Pleasure with our Chocolate Lover Combo Deal!

Are you a chocolate lover but want to be health conscious at the same time? Look no further! Our “Chocolate Lover” combo deal is the ultimate pleasure for your taste buds, guilt-free.

What makes this combo deal so special?

✨  Zùsto Dark Chocolate Callets (2 x 350 g) – A rich dark chocolate experience without the extra sugars. Sweetened with Zùsto, our dark chocolate callets bring the deep flavor of cocoa to life while providing nearly 35% healthy fiber. Perfect for melting in hot milk for a decadent hot chocolate or for use in baking.

✨  Zùsto Milk Chocolate Callets (2 x 350 g) – For those who love the velvety sweetness of milk chocolate, but without the sugar spike. Our milk chocolate callets, sweetened with Zùsto, envelop your taste buds with a creamy indulgence and an abundance of fiber (25%). Ideal for melting and pouring over fruit or just to enjoy as a responsible snack.

✨  Zùsto Hazelnut Spread (3 jars of 200 g) – The delicious taste of hazelnuts wrapped in an appetizing spread. Each jar is sweetened with Zùsto and bursting with healthy fiber (34%). Perfect for spreading on your favorite bread, pancakes or waffles, or just to enjoy directly with a spoon.

With the “Chocolate Lover” combo deal, you get the best of both worlds – the irresistible taste of chocolate and the benefits of healthy fiber, with no added sugars.

Enjoy your choco pleasure without guilt with Zùsto! Order now.

Ingredients and nutritional values 

Zùsto Dark Chocolate Callets
Zùsto Milk Chocolate Callets
Zùsto Hazelnut Spread

Additional information

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