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Original sugar taste

Zùsto tastes identically the same as regular sugar.

1-to-1 ratio

You can replace sugar 1:1 by Zùsto.

75% fewer calories

4 times less calories than regular, traditional sugar.

A sugar-free solution

DelRey chooses Zùsto

Bernard Proot, the first patissier to use Zùsto in his pastries talks about the revolutionary sugar substitute.

Curious what he has to say?

Krantenartikel horecazaak met Zùsto
Source: Gazet Van Antwerpen

World first: Antwerp hospitality business prepares ice cream and pastry without sugar

On Valentine’s Day, Sano opens on the De Keyserlei: a new business that operates without sugar. In spite of that, the menu seems quite the sugar bomb: freshly made ice cream, waffles, pastries, milkshakes, chocolate, sweet coffee,… “You can make these products equally as delicious without added sugars”, say the Antwerp initiators Thierry Huion and Gunther Vanbeselaere.

Use it in bulk

Zùsto for production

Zùsto offers tailor-made solutions for large (manufacturing) companies as well. Do you want to use our revolutionary and patented sugar substitute in your products? Feel free to contact us for a customised solution.

Senior Inspector at Food Factory
Zùsto verpakking
Revolutionary sugar substitute

Why use Zùsto in your company?

An increasing amount of consumers are dealing with diabetes, obesity, intolerances or just want to cut down their sugar intake. As a chef or patissier, you too can contribute to helping not just these, but all consumers.

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Limitless applications

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