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Revolutionary sugar substitute with 75% less calories

Revolutionary sugar substitute

What is Zùsto?

Zùsto contains a combination of plant-based nutritional fibers that were specifically chosen because of their health benefits and their excellent qualities as a sugar replacement.



Based on fibers


75% less calories

Zùsto contains 75% fewer calories than regular sugar.

Same taste

Zùsto has an identical taste and texture as sugar.

Same weight ratio

You should not change your recipes.

Safe for diabetics

Ready to try Zùsto?

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The story

Why Zùsto?

Zùsto sought and found a full-fledged substitute for sugar as an answer to the increasing demand for a healthy sweetener. In doing so, we contribute to a sensible diet. We also help people to drastically reduce their sugar intake. In short; the benefits of sugar without any burden.

Nico Renmans joined the story in 2019. In his immediate circle, several people suffer from diabetes. He knows the limitations this imposes and wants to actively contribute to an initiative that offers perspectives and possibilities to diabetics.

Nico Renmans

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Yasmine Marchal
Yasmine Marchal Via Facebook

I’m a superfan of Zùsto! The 1 to 1 ratio is nice and easy when baking and it doesn’t have an unpleasant aftertaste. The 75% fewer calories (compared to sugar) are an additional benefit. In short: Zùsto has been granted a permanent place in the pantry.

Patrick Wulteputte
Patrick Wulteputte Via Facebook

A superb sugar substitute. Simple to use, just replace the sugar in your recipe 1:1, no matter the preparation method (warm, cold, caramelize, broil, etc). The result is delicious every time, you just need to dose carefully when dissolving it in liquid (to avoid lumps). If you don’t know, you won’t taste a difference.

Katrijn Debruyne
Katrijn Debruyne Via Facebook

Finally I’ve found the product that replaces sugar in an equivalent way. Equal sweetening power and the same volume in usage. No complex calculations or modifications to the recipe. From now on, we cook healthier with Zùsto.

Bart De Roeck
Bart De Roeck Via Facebook

I recently had the chance to try out Zùsto and I was pleasantly surprised! I didn’t even need to adjust my recipes (ratio 1:1) and the taste was absolutely the same! I’ll definitely be using it in my kitchen, and mostly in my baked goods. Highly recommended!

Brandom Van Moorleghem
Brandon Van Moorleghem Via Google

I’m a true fan! Super easy to use, delicious and healthier than regular sugar :). Win win win!

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