Article 1: Preliminary observations:

Each buyer is bound by the following terms and conditions. They are applicable even in the event that specific conditions have been agreed, unless they do not directly contradict the general conditions. Except a written reaction made by registered letter by the buyer within eight days from the date on the invoice, it is deemed to accept those terms and conditions unconditionally and without reservation.

The possible invalidity of any provision of these conditions shall in no way affect the validity of the others.

Article 2: Retention:

All products delivered by SLS FOOD TECHNOLOGIES N.V. as part of the contract remain the property of SLS FOOD TECHNOLOGIES NV until the buyer has fulfilled all its obligations under (the) contract(s) found with SLS FOOD TECHNOLOGIES N.V.

If third parties seize goods delivered under retention of title or wish to establish or claim rights to these, the Buyer is obliged to immediately notify SLS FOOD TECHNOLOGIES N.V.

Article 3: Complaints:

The delivery shall be deemed to have been accepted by the buyer unless visible defects were reported in writing and motivated by registered letter within seven (7) calendar days after the goods were delivered to the Buyer, except with regard to hidden defects as provided in Art. B.W. 1641.

Article 4: Payment – arrearages and increase clauses:

All invoices are payable at our registered office HUMBEEK or on our bank account, as listed at the bottom of every invoice, at the latest within the period mentioned at the bottom of the invoice. In case of default of payment on the due date, the invoice shall automatically and without prior notice increase with an amount plus a penalty of 10%, with a minimum of 50 euros and a delay interest of 1% per month from the due date, where each month begun will be counted as a full month.

Article 5: Performance and jurisdiction clause:

Since all sales are deemed to be made at our headquarters HUMBEEK, only Belgian law will be applicable in case of dispute with the buyer. The applicability of the Vienna Convention is expressly excluded.

Any legal action arising from this sale will be judged by competent judges to the headquarters by SLS FOOD TECHNOLOGIES N.V., unless a binding legal provision expressly designates another competent judge.