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Every baker’s dream

Enjoy sweet in a healthy way
The concept

Sugarfree sugar?

Zùsto is a sugar substitute high in fibers, with nothing but plant-based, FDA-approved ingredients. It provides sweetness identical to sugar, while providing a structure and texture that is superior to sugar. You can start baking without added sugars today.

The unique composition of Zùsto offers the possibility to fully replace traditional sugars in most sugary products. Zùsto is a functional 1:1 sugar substitute that contains prebiotic and plant-based fibers combined with sweeteners.

Zùsto Weegschaal

Original sugar taste

Zùsto tastes identically the same as regular sugar.

Ratio 1:1

You can replace sugar by Zùsto at a ratio of one to one.

75% fewer calories

4 times less calories than regular, traditional sugar.

Limitless applications

Advantages of Zùsto

What others say

Yasmine Marchal
Yasmine Marchal Via Facebook

I’m a superfan of Zùsto! The 1 to 1 ratio is nice and easy when baking and it doesn’t have an unpleasant aftertaste. The 75% fewer calories (compared to sugar) are an additional benefit. In short: Zùsto has been granted a permanent place in the pantry.

Patrick Wulteputte
Patrick Wulteputte Via Facebook

A superb sugar substitute. Simple to use, just replace the sugar in your recipe 1:1, no matter the preparation method (warm, cold, caramelize, broil, etc). The result is delicious every time, you just need to dose carefully when dissolving it in liquid (to avoid lumps). If you don’t know, you won’t taste a difference.

Katrijn Debruyne
Katrijn Debruyne Via Facebook

Finally I’ve found the product that replaces sugar in an equivalent way. Equal sweetening power and the same volume in usage. No complex calculations or modifications to the recipe. From now on, we cook healthier with Zùsto.

Bart De Roeck
Bart De Roeck Via Facebook

I recently had the chance to try out Zùsto and I was pleasantly surprised! I didn’t even need to adjust my recipes (ratio 1:1) and the taste was absolutely the same! I’ll definitely be using it in my kitchen, and mostly in my baked goods. Highly recommended!

Brandom Van Moorleghem
Brandon Van Moorleghem Via Google

I’m a true fan! Super easy to use, delicious and healthier than regular sugar :). Win win win!

Choose a healthier lifestyle

Fun for the entire family

With Zùsto, the sugar substitute, you can provide a more balanced eating pattern both for your children and yourself. No more worries in terms of taste experience, as it’s identical to that of regular sugar. Furthermore, Zùsto is tooth-friendly.  

Cook together with your kids or let them enjoy your Zùsto-cooking skills.

Amateur chefs use Zùsto

And professionals too!

Order Zùsto today