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Zùsto Granola Box (5+1 Free)

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  • 3x 300 g Zùsto Granola – Raspberry & Chocolate
  • 3x 300 g Zùsto Granola – Chocolate & Nuts
  • Value Pack
  • Glutenfree
  • Sweetened with Zùsto®
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
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  • Delivery within 2 to 3 working days
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Elevate your breakfast game with Zùsto Granola Box (5+1 free)

Introducing our special combi deal: the Zùsto Granola Box, where indulgence meets health. Dive into the world of deliciousness with 3 bags of Zùsto Granola with Raspberry & Chocolate and 3 bags of Zùsto Granola with Chocolate & Nuts. And the cherry on top? Pay for 5 and get 1 absolutely free!

Why choose Zùsto Granola?

Discover a guilt-free way to enjoy your mornings. Zùsto Granola is uniquely sweetened with a wholesome blend of fibers, making sugar a thing of the past. Boasting a high fiber content of over 20% and with no added sugars, each bite supports a healthier lifestyle. What’s more, we cater to everyone’s needs with our gluten-free promise.

A taste like no other

  • Chocolate & Nuts: Embark on a flavor journey with the rich, bitter notes of chocolate perfectly complemented by the earthy nuances of crunchy nuts.
  • Raspberry & Chocolate: Experience the refreshing burst of raspberry, its citric zest, mingling with the sublime bitterness of chocolate for a symphony of flavors.

Don’t miss out!

Grab this exclusive Zùsto Granola Box deal today. Treat yourself to a symphony of flavors and the immense health benefits packed within every granola bite. It’s more than just a breakfast food; it’s a daily wellness ritual waiting to be discovered.

Nutritional values

Zùsto Granola Raspberry & Chocolate (per 100 g)

Energy 388 kcal
Fats 18,8 g
– of which saturated 3,7 g
Carbohydrates 36 g
– of which sugars 1,3 g
Protein 14 g
Dietary fiber 23,2 g
Salt 0,04 g

Zùsto Granola Chocolate & Nuts (per 100 g)

Energy 395 kcal
Fats 14 g
– of which saturated 3,1 g
Carbohydrates 44 g
– of which sugars 1 g
Protein 12 g
Dietary fiber 21 g
Salt 0 g


Zùsto Granola Raspberry & Chocolate

Gluten-free oats, sunflower seeds, flaxseed, Zùsto sugar substitute (polydextrose, fibers of plant based origin, sweeteners [erythritol, isomalt, sucralose]), Zùsto dark chocolate (cocoa mass, Zùsto sugar substitute, skimmed cocoa powder, cocoa butter, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin, natural flavor), almonds, raspberry (1.2%).

Zùsto Granola Chocolate & Nuts

Oat flakes, flaxseed, sunflower seeds, Zùsto 14% (Polydextrose, fibers of plant origin and sweeteners (erythritol, isomalt, sucralose)), Zùsto dark chocolate 8% (cocoa mass, Zùsto sugar substitute (polydextrose, fibers of plant origin and sweeteners (erythritol, isomalt, sucralose)), skimmed cocoa powder, cocoa butter, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin (E322), natural vanilla flavor, tree nuts 4% (almonds, hazelnuts).


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