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Is Zùsto healthy?

Sugar or sugar substitutes and the concept of healthy don’t often go hand in hand. Sugar has a detrimental effect on your body and more and more, it is being avoided. This means we often look for an alternative to sugar. Unfortunately, sugar substitutes don’t often taste the same as sugar and some of them can even leave a nasty after-taste. Plus, you often have to convert your recipe since you don’t need the same amounts. A sugar substitute that’s easy to use, is not easy to find!

That’s why we spent a long time looking for the right ingredients so that we could replace sugar in the same proportions. As well as ensuring it’s good for you.

Is Zùsto a healthy alternative to sugar?

Yes, Zùsto is a healthy alternative to sugar! Sugar has a major effect on your blood sugar level, your calorie intake, and your health in general. Because Zùsto does not contain any sugar, it does not have a big effect on your blood sugar level either. In addition, Zùsto does not contain aspartame. Many diabetics and other users do not like this ingredient. Of course, we still want that sweet taste of sugar, so we use a little bit of sucralose. This is made from sugar, but doesn’t have the adverse effects, which means diabetics can also use Zùsto. Enjoy sweetness without the worries!

What effect does Zùsto have on my body?

Zùsto is made from a variety of dietary fibres. And fibre is good for your body. We need them every day and they help us to feel full. Other sugar substitutes don’t do this,  which is one of the ways in which Zùsto is different. A lot of people suffer from a lack of prebiotic and vegetable dietary fibres in their diet – this is the most important ingredient in Zùsto! This is because fibre is an important food source for good bacteria, which in turn promote intestinal flora. These fibres therefore have a healthy effect on your body!

So is Zùsto healthy?

Yes, Zùsto really is healthy! It only has a low impact on blood sugar levels and the dietary fibres provide for good intestinal flora. Thanks to the vegetable ingredients, Zùsto is also 100% vegetarian. Are you allergic to gluten or lactose? Don’t worry, you can still use Zùsto! In addition, Zùsto contains 75% fewer calories than sugar. So actually, there are only advantages to it!

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