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How do you prevent lumps when using Zùsto?

Zùsto is a unique sugar substitute that contains various dietary fibers: no less than 64.7 grams of fiber per 100 grams of Zùsto. That’s a very nice amount of fiber, especially since we know fiber is essential for our intestines to function properly. 

That’s why Zùsto contains a well-thought-out mix of fibers such as polydextrose and fibres sourced from cichory and maize. Each of these various fibres have a different prebiotic effect, allowing the body to absorb them very easily. The patented blend of healthy, plant-based dietary fibers also ensures a proper saturation of hunger as well as healthy intestinal flora. All of this makes Zùsto the healthiest sugar substitute on the market!

However, when you get started in the kitchen with a high-fiber product, it sometimes requires some minor adjustments. This is because this balanced mix of fibers retains moisture more quickly, meaning it can clump more quickly. That’s why in this blog article we’d like to give you some tips & tricks for an optimal use of Zùsto.

#1 How to prevent Zùsto from hardening in the pack?

It can sometimes happen that you want to use Zùsto, just to find it has become completely hard within the pack. Obviously not very helpful!

This is because Zùsto is hygroscopic. So it attracts moisture and becomes hard. However, you can easily dissolve these clumps again, for example by crushing or shaking them loose with a fork.  

In very rare cases , Zùsto may also form a kind of caramel ball. This can occur when a lot of water ends up in the bag. For example, by going back into the pack with a wet spoon. Even in that case, you can continue to use Zùsto as usual. Simply dissolve the balls directly into your preparations, you’ll find the flavor remains unchanged

To prevent Zùsto from hardening, it is best to store Zùsto in a dry place with the pack tightly sealed . You should preferably do this with a clip on the original pack or in a storage box that seals off properly. We also recommend that you never use a wet spoon in the pack. That way you won’t give your Zùsto a chance to clump! 

#2 How do you dissolve Zùsto into liquids? 

Zùsto – just like regular sugar – is not always easy to dissolve in liquids. Especially when you add large quantities, Zùsto’s rich fiber structure and hygroscopic nature tends to clump quite easily. 

However, you can easily solve this by adding Zùsto gradually and stirring continuously to obtain a homogeneous mixture more quickly and efficiently. That way the moisture doesn’t get the chance to form a capsule around the fibers. Also, while adding Zùsto gradually, be sure not to go back into the pack with a wet spoon. That way you avoid clumping inside the pack. 

It’s a nice bonus that Zùsto – just like sugar – dissolves faster in hot liquids. The solubility of Zùsto increases as the temperature increases. 

#3 How do you mix your Zùsto with butter? 

You may just as easily end up with lumps when mixing Zùsto with butter, especially if you’re using liquid butter. We therefore recommend that you always work with solid butter at room temperature

By the way, did you know that this is the benchmark in culinary circles? In fact, when you use solid butter at room temperature, you get much more volume in your preparations, which means your creations will be much fluffier and creamier. 

In addition, the numerous fibers in Zùsto ensure that you get a lighter preparation with more volume. So a double win-win! Since fibers attract and retain that much more moisture, they enable certain recipes to stay soft and “moist” longer compared with their equivalent using regular sugar.  For example, Zùsto will allow you to add that much more air in an ice cream preparation, which will make your ice cream even softer compared to an ice cream preparation made with sugar.

You can also always decide to first mix Zùsto with a dry substance such as flour, cornstarch, yeast, etc. These make Zùsto less likely to clump up when mixed with solid butter at room temperature. 

#4 Can clumps also be an added value? 

Due to the high fiber content in Zùsto, it may well clump. However, that isn’t necessarily something you want to avoid. Through deliberate clumping, you often get fun and unexpected creations! 

For example, it is highly recommended that you mix Zùsto into your waffle batter a little less thoroughly. Thanks to the clumps in the waffles, you obtain a very different taste experience. In yogurt the clumps can also provide a finer taste experience. 

You can compare it to the pieces of chocolate you put in your cake. The pieces add an extra dimension to your baking. The Zùsto clumps provide a surprising effect just like the chocolate pieces do. In fact, this is a result you can’t get so easily with regular sugar. So nothing is too crazy to try: let your culinary creativity run wild! 


With these tips & tricks, you’re all set to make the best use of Zùsto in your kitchen. The numerous benefits of Zùsto’s fiber-rich structure make for a unique and balanced sugar substitute. This also makes it the healthiest on the market! 

This way, thanks to its patented blend of healthy, plant-based dietary fibers, Zùsto ensures healthy bowels and satiates hunger pangs. In addition, you can replace sugar portions one-to-one so you don’t have to adjust your recipes. Zùsto also has a deliciously sweet taste and contains a whopping 75% fewer calories than regular sugar. In short, the combination of tasty and healthy is what makes Zùsto so unique!

After reading this article, do you have additional questions about using Zùsto?  If so, please don’t hesitate to contact the Zùsto team. With our expertise, we’re always ready to provide you with tips & tricks on how to make the best use of Zùsto in your kitchen. 

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