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Zùsto is a patented and unique high quality sugar substitute, that can replace sugar 1:1. Dishes prepared with Zùsto have the same mouthfeel, aromas and crunch. On top of that, the taste experience is comparable to that of sugar.

Zùsto contains less than 100 kcal per 100 g. That’s four times less than sugar. Zùsto has a low glycemic index (GI) and contains no digestible carbohydrates. The glycemic index indicates how fast carbohydrates are converted into glucose and absorbed in the bloodstream.

Everyone who wants to avoid products with added sugars, especially diabetics and people trying to lose weight, can incorporate Zùsto in their diet.

Given that taste experience is essential to our product, we took note from Latin (gustus) and Esperanto (gusto), and “gusto” is associated with enthusiasm and satisfaction – something you’ll definitely experience when using it!

Because sweet is our trademark, we replaced the “g” with a “z” (from the Dutch word for sweet, ‘zoet’), and subsequently, in the spur of the moment, added an accent to the “u”. Short and to the point. 5 letters, 2 syllables. Easy to remember. A name with a history and a future.

Most other sugar substitutes are based on one or two sweeteners. Outside of the sweetness, they provide no health contribution whatsoever and you usually can’t replace sugar at a 1:1 ratio. You have to adjust your recipe and many results aren’t satisfactory in the least. Zùsto contains many healthy and prebiotic fibers, something most people have a deficiency of, and can replace sugar 1:1 while maintaining the same taste!

Zùsto is a unique and healthy combination of prebiotic and plant-based fibers (among which polydextrose, fibers from chicory and corn) and sweeteners (erythritol, isomalt and sucralose).