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Disadvantages of Zùsto

Zùsto is not cheap compared to sugar. Why is that?

We know that Zùsto is not very cheap. This is because Zùsto combines various dietary fibres such as polydextrose and fibres from chicory and maize. They were specially chosen for how valuable they are to our health and for their excellent properties as a sugar substitute in many uses. Dietary fibre also guarantees health benefits and prebiotic effects. Most other sugar substitutes, on the other hand, are based on one or two sweeteners. Other than how sweet they are, they don’t help with your health. But Zùsto does. With Zùsto, you’re choosing a quality product. Moreover, Zùsto is a 100% Belgian product. With a local product, you can be sure it was made honestly and in a safe environment.

Zùsto contains fibres. Is that healthy?

Zùsto contains a combination of specific dietary fibres. This is what distinguishes Zùsto from other sugar substitutes, which are purely based on sweeteners. The others are missing a trick, because fibre is an important food source for good bacteria, which in turn promote healthy intestinal flora, making the fibres truly healthy. By the way, did you know that a lot of people suffer from a lack of prebiotic and vegetable fibres in their diet? So that’s another bonus.

Does Zùsto have a shorter shelf life? 

No, Zùsto does not have a shorter shelf life compared to sugar. What you do need to be aware of, is that you need to seal the bag properly after use. If you don’t, Zùsto will not last so long because it uses fewer preservatives. It’s no different than fresh bread.

Zùsto contains sucralose – is that healthy? 

In contrast to many other sugar substitutes, Zùsto does not contain any form of aspartame: this is an ingredient that many diabetics and other users find unpleasant when used for baking. Zùsto uses sucralose instead. This sweetener is made from sugar, has the same taste as sugar, but has no adverse effects. 

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