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Is chocolate healthy or not?

If there’s one thing Belgium is famous for, it’s our chocolate. From the dark bitterness of pure cocoa to the gentle sweetness of milk chocolate, this treat captivates everyone. But is chocolate actually good for your health? Read on to find out! 

What is chocolate?

Dark chocolate consists of the following ingredients: sugar, cocoa, and cocoa butter. To produce milk chocolate, milk powder is added.

The darker the chocolate, the higher its cocoa content. So this also means the darker the chocolate, the less sugar it contains. On average, dark and milk chocolates have sugar contents of about 48% and 52% respectively. Naturally, white chocolate has even more sugar.

Is chocolate healthy? A dilemma!

While you often hear that consuming dark chocolate regularly is healthy, take this with the proverbial grain of salt. Traditional chocolate usually has a lot of added sugar. Research shows that the average consumer eats about 9.1 kg of chocolate annually, equating to 4.5 kg of sugar or 18,000 calories annually. It’s no secret that sugar poses many health risks, such as obesity, tooth decay, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes.

Besides sugar, chocolate also contains significant amounts of saturated fats due to the use of cocoa butter. Cocoa butter, which is the fat found in cocoa beans, is high in saturated fats. These fats, apart from being calorie-dense, influence our blood cholesterol levels. Elevated cholesterol can increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Again, the darker the chocolate, the fewer saturated fats it contains.

But let’s not entirely dismiss chocolate. Cocoa, its primary ingredient, is known for various health benefits. Cocoa has a range of antioxidants that can benefit the cardiovascular system, boost fat burning, and more. It also contains vital minerals like magnesium, copper, and iron. These vitamins have a stress relieving effect, maintain oxygen levels in the blood, and energy in the body. Furthermore, cocoa has compounds that the body converts to feel-good hormones, and it is a well-known aphrodisiac.

So pure cocoa is actually quite healthy, but sadly it also tastes quite bitter. To mask this bitterness, sugar is added when making chocolate. Unfortunately, for a long time, the drawbacks of added sugar overshadowed the benefits of cocoa.

Fun Fact: Cocoa has been used for centuries for various health purposes. The Incas consumed pure cocoa (without any added sugars) in medicinal drinks and meditation sessions. They believed in cocoa’s numerous health benefits, calling it “Xocolatl”!

Zùsto’s new Chocolate Callets

At Zùsto, we set out to create delicious chocolate without the usual sugar content. We can proudly say we succeeded and are happy to introduce our newest product: The Zùsto Chocolate Callets.

Zùsto Chocolade callets dark & milk chocolate packings

Zùsto’s Chocolate Callets are made with 64% cocoa, cocoa butter, and our Zùsto sugar substitute. As a result, our chocolate contains no added sugar compared to traditional chocolate, which contains approx. 40 to 50% sugar. This allows diabetics and those on a weight loss journey to savor delicious chocolate without any guilt. Want to know more about our sugar substitute? Click here.

Additionally, Zùsto Chocolate Callets are rich in healthy fibers, containing about 5 to 10 times more than regular chocolate. Fibers have numerous health benefits, including improved gut health. They also positively impact memory and enhance sleep quality. Interested in learning more about our Zùsto fibers? Click here.

Zùsto’s Chocolate Callets can be effortlessly incorporated into various recipes. Melt them for a delightful chocolate sauce or hot cocoa, or use them in cakes and pastries.

What about the Nutri-score?

While Zùsto’s Chocolate Callets push the boundaries of “healthy snacking” by drastically reducing sugar content, cocoa butter remains a vital ingredient. As discussed earlier, cocoa butter, although deliciously rich and creamy, contains saturated fats.

This is reflected in the Nutri-score, an indispensable tool in many European supermarkets today. This score, ranging from A to E, is assigned based on nutritional values. Traditional chocolate usually scores a D or even E due to their high sugar and saturated fat content. Zùsto’s Chocolate Callets score better because they contain no added sugar: they get a C for the Dark chocolate callets and a D for the Milk chocolate callets. This is already a huge improvement! However, making Chocolate Callets still requires cocoa butter, which has a high content of saturated fats. Regrettably, because of that, it’s practically impossible for chocolate to score higher than C or D. The Nutri-score heavily considers saturated fat content and overlooks cocoa’s health benefits.

Although the Nutri-score might not provide a comprehensive view of a product’s health profile, it’s a great starting point. Overconsumption of calories, regardless of the source, can lead to weight gain and related health issues. So, moderation remains key, even with Zùsto’s no added sugar chocolate. Healthy indulgence combines sugar reduction with a balanced diet and lifestyle.

Zùsto makes healthier chocolate

It’s clear that Zùsto’s Chocolate Callets are the way to enjoy chocolate’s pleasure & indulgence without its main drawbacks. With a 64% cocoa content, reduced sugar, and increased fiber, Zùsto Chocolate Callets are undeniably healthier than traditional chocolate.

Zùsto offers a healthier chocolate alternative for diabetics, those looking to lose weight, or those wanting to cut sugar, without compromising on taste. 

Zùsto Chocolate Callets are available in both dark and milk chocolate and can be used in various ways. Melt them, use them in & on your desserts, or simply enjoy a piece in its pure form.

Can’t wait to try Zùsto Chocolate Callets or explore our other products? Visit our webshop!

Zusto chocolate callets

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